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Big Deal for Merica’s Fish and Wildlife

Yesterday evening, Congressman Don Young (R-AK) and Michigan’s (and my Congresswoman) Debbie Dingell (D-MI) introduced a bill that would direct existing funding from oil and gas leases to increase funding for proactive wildlife conservation.  This is a big deal for … Continue reading

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Hunters and Anglers Do It Best in Clean Water

Whiskey is for drinking.  Water is for fighting over.  Well, we have a fight on our hands.  If we want to pass on our wildlife and outdoor heritage to our kids and grandchildren, then we need clean water.  Better yet, … Continue reading

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Congress on the move to help Hunters and Anglers?

Is it me, or is Congress actually trying to work together and do good things after the shutdown fiasco?  Do you think they got the message from the general public to stop acting like ‘unfrozen caveman lawyers’ and start acting … Continue reading

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I Want You!..to Keep Public Lands Public

As we approach another 4th of July, the typical patriotic events emerge: from bbq’s and baseball games to fireworks and parades.  All honoring our country. But, perhaps we should look to and embrace a truly unique American value this 4th … Continue reading

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Using the science

On the heels of last weeks win for scientific wildlife management, the Michigan Natural Resource Commission (MNRC) underscored what it means to manage wildlife…scientifically…and not by the ballot box. Remember that moose were established in Michigan as a game species … Continue reading

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Sportsmen back sensible fracking regs

Originally posted on The Fish and Wildlife Report:
Updated federal fracking rule: An opportunity for transparency, stewardship and responsible energy development on our public lands   WASHINGTON – As the Interior Department prepares to release new federal fracking regulations, a…

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Dropping the Hammer

I don’t really like lawsuits.  But, sometimes you have to drop the hammer. Yesterday, the National Wildlife Federation asked a federal judge to stop the EPA from implementing a rule that would prohibit the State of New York from strengthening … Continue reading

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Wildlife Stressed Out

As I write this, it’s almost 60 degrees outside.  Its January 30th.  I live in Michigan.  This isn’t right. No doubt, our warming climate is not only weird, but it poses’ a huge threat to the future of our fish … Continue reading

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Not Blinding me with SCIENCE!

Anyone who knows me well would not call me a scientist.  So, its no surprise that I may be Blinded with Science at times. However, scientist Lindsay Chatterton answers questions about Asian carp in a way that are straight forward, … Continue reading

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Sportsmen’s Act Killed…for Now

Sad state of affairs when a technicality and procedural antics stops good common sense policy from expanding our ability to enjoy the outdoors.  This gives new definition to a Lame Duck Congress. If you are upset like me…take action today … Continue reading

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