About Author Marc Smith


Marc steelhead hog

Growing up in the woods and waters of Virginia, I now call the Great Lakes my home.  Directing conservation policy for National Wildlife Federation, I work and write from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where my family, a trusty yellow lab, and a quiver of fly rods and fishing gear keep me company.   I am a soccer player/coach and a recovering Capitol Hill staffer.

Great Lakes Outdoors is designed to share stories about fish and wildlife in the Great Lakes and across the country.  The opinions posted are those of the author, and – as always – portray a common sense and pragmatic perspective with a dash of humor and 80’s nostalgia.


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2 Responses to About Author Marc Smith

  1. Bob Caputo says:

    can I use the photo of the zebra muscles clogging the pipe from your article in a power point presentation showing internal piping obstructions in fire sprinkler systems? or is it a copyright protected photo? I am an instructor with the National Fire Protection Association and it’s a great photo of problems we see from time to time in these piping systems taking water supplies from open water sources. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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