Shark Free Great Lakes?

Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I spent tons of time on the beach and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.  Whether it was 53rd street with my best friend, the late Greg Wright, to 76th street where we played volleyball, surfed and buried full kegs of beer in the sand.  We all shared the ocean with porpoises, crabs, jelly fish and yes, sharks.

Although I never remember any encounter with sharks growing up, it seems that lately shark sightings/attacks are increasing along the Atlantic?  Why is that?  Is it the increased water temperature? Drought conditions that create saltier waters that sharks like?  I don’t know. Shark experts seem to think so.

What I do know is that some people will go to some humorous extremes to protect themselves from sharks…


Couple “Macgyver’s” a cage off the coast of the Outer Banks, NC this summer

Since moving up here to Michigan in 2004 from Northern Virginia, I can honestly say I strongly prefer the clean, fresh water of the Great Lakes to the Ocean.  As my 10 year old son Patrick says, “I like the Great Lakes because there are no sharks.” This is coming from a little dude who is obsessed with sharks – named his soccer team the ‘Sharks’ – and begged me to watch the movie Jaws with him. I gave in and we watched it together earlier this summer. (I must say that after 40 years, Jaws still holds up well).

As we get ready to head to Lake Michigan this weekend for a vacation with our family, we don’t have to worry about sharks.  We Great Lakers pride ourselves on the premise of No sharks in our waters. 

unsalted shark free GL

This sticker is found on cars, lap tops, t shirts, coffee mugs…you name it….all across the Great Lakes region

But should we be worried?  Is it possible that sharks could be swimming in the largest freshwater resource in the world?  Bull sharks in the Great Lakes?

After reading this, do “we need a bigger boat”? 

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