How You Can Help Protect Wild Salmon in Bristol Bay

As we are enjoying the early spring trout and salmon season here in Michigan and across the Great Lakes, I thought you all should be aware of a fight that is going on in Alaska right now to protect a salmon fishery that is at risk from a proposed mine.

Most of you know that there are efforts underway to protect pristine Bristol Bay, Alaska and its world class wild salmon runs from the proposed Pebble Mine, and other mines like it in this priceless watershed.  There are just some places so special that we need to leave untouched and keep pristine.

Right now we have a unique opportunity to help fund the citizen’s referendum that Alaskan’s have successfully gotten onto the November ballot. We are racing against the clock to educate people across the country about this initiative and to raise $100,000 to save wild Alaska with a truly grassroots campaign. We have less than 30 days to do so and if YOU or YOUR conservation organization love to fish, love salmon and want to see wild Alaska protected from such industrial scale mining, please considering helping us out.

Please check out this short, beautiful video on the subject and if you can, consider posting the link to your web, facebook and other media sites.

Lets help keep our wild salmon runs in Bristol Bay…wild.



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