Visions of Grandeur

It’s March…and the glaciers in Michigan are finally showing signs of receding.  I can actually see some grass. My yellow lab no longer has to plunge through 3 feet of snow drifts to relieve herself.

After such a long and brutal winter (it’s not over mind you), I think it is appropriate to borrow a line from my ol friend Steve Wright:  “I am so desperate to fish, I cast a bead-headed nymph into my toilet bowl the other day.”

You laugh…but for my fellow anglers…you join me in feeling the desperation in that statement.

So desperate that I started organizing my gear and flies yesterday.  Checked my waders for leaks, put on new leaders and tippet on all three reels and double checked my supply of woolly buggers. Can’t have enough woolly buggers here in Southeast Michigan…as the Huron River is simply one of the best smallmouth rivers you can find.

spring fishing prep

winter/spring organizing

After this exercise, I think I am ready.  Just in time for the snow melt that will result in unfishable, swollen, and chocolate-colored rivers, right?

I reassure myself that soon enough I will be waist-high in the water; searching for firm footing; sunlight fading on the river; studying the bug activity for any sign of a hatch; looking for dark shadows behind the ripples; letting line out downstream; cast upstream; patience…and then capping it with a tight line!

Until then, I will have to rely upon these visions of grandeur….

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