Sitting at the breakfast table the other day with the kids, I asked them what was their best moment of 2013.  As I sat and listened to them think about all the things they are proud of, or experienced over the last year, it made me smile.  #LuckyDad.

Most of Patrick’s best moments centered around sports: all the goals he scored in soccer, watching the Tigers in the World Series and sinking a basketball shot at the buzzer on his last game…just to name a few.

Elizabeth was most proud of her making a travel soccer team this summer.  That and paddle boarding on Lake Michigan for the first time.

So, as I thought about what are my best moments for the Great Lakes in 2013…I created a laundry list of stuff in my head.  Lots of good stuff happened.  And lots of not so good stuff. Instead of making a lengthy deal out of this, I thought I would do it in #hashtags. I mean, all the kids are doing it these days….


1) Congress Shuts Down the Government.  #Disfunctional  #UnfrozenCavemanLawyers

2) Massive Algal blooms take over Lake Erie and shut down town’s water supply.  #IsLakeErieDeadAgain?

3) New information reveals that Asian carp can swim past electrical fence into Lake Michigan. #NoSurprise #WeHaveBeenSayingThisForYears #GameChanger #CarpKeepSwimming  #PermanentSeparationIsTheAnswer


4)  Scientific Wildlife Management is here to stay.  #SheBlindedMeWithScience

5) Michigan adopts hunting and fishing license fee increase.  #SportsmenAreBackboneForWildlife

6) Congress cuts funding for the highly successful Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  Then restores it days later.  #GreatLakesAreNonpartisan

7) New Sportsmen and women bill introduced. #ThankYouSenatorsHaganPryorThuneRisch


8) While camping on the Au Sable River this summer, I taught the kids how to fly fish.  #TeachYourChildrenWell   #PatrickHookedABrownButDidntKnowIt #KidsLoveToCampAndFish #CaddisHoperDropperRules

Team Smith on the banks of the Holy Waters of the Au Sable (7/2013)
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