Teach Your Children Well…

Take a look at this new commercial from Toys “R” Us…

It basically shows a bunch of kids on a bus who think they are going on a field trip to the forest to learn about nature, and everything else the forest has to offer.  You know… rivers, lakes, wildlife, fishing, hunting, fresh air, dirt and wonder, etc…

Then, the field trip dude baits and switches them by saying that they are instead going to Toys “R” Us.  Kids go bonkers. Are you serious?  I mean, this could sum up a lot of the problems our society is facing today.  By suggesting that spending time in the outdoors is boring …is certainly not the right message we need to send to our kids.  Thanks for essentially telling our kids that ‘the outdoors are lame.’

What to do?  Take a kid fishing.  Take them camping.  Show them deer rubs on trees.  Take them into the woods and turn over a log or rock and look for bugs.  Let them explore and feel at home in the woods.

Why? Because those kids on the bus are the future conservationists.  We want and need them to be responsible for protecting the places where we hunt and fish.

Teach them well.

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5 Responses to Teach Your Children Well…

  1. clehouser4 says:

    Worst commercial. Ever.

  2. Joe Wilkinson says:

    Didn’t like the commercial one bit, either. And a bunch of us wrote to Toys”R”US to let them know.

    This morning, I received an email from one of the hardest working conservation advocates in Iowa this morning, relaying a message he’d received;

    “We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts regarding one of our recent commercials. It certainly was not our intention to infer in any (way?) that going to a toy store is better than going on a field trip. The bus detour was simply a surprise for a group of kids from various organizations who might not otherwise receive a toy they wished for during the holiday season.
    Also please know that this commercial is no longer airing on television.

    We value and thank you for your comments, which we will be passing along to our Marketing team for review.


    Toys “R”Us Corporate Communications.”

  3. Julia L says:

    Here’s a link to fun video by NWF in response to the Toys ‘R US ad…

    The message – it doesn’t have to be one or other other. Toys are fun, but so is nature. Enjoy!

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