One step closer to stopping carp in Minnesota

Date:   October 24, 2013

Coalition Applauds Provisions to Help Fight the Threat of Asian carp in Minnesota waters


“The Stop Carp Coalition thanks Congressman Ellison and Congresswoman McCollum for their efforts in the fight against Asian carp.  With Rep. Ellison’s leadership, we are one step closer to stopping the northward advance of the invasive Asian carp into Minnesota waterways.  Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act that includes a provision that would close the Upper St. Anthony Falls lock within a year to help stop the spread of Asian carp further upstream.  Representatives Walz, Nolan and Paulsen helped lead this bi-partisan effort to get the language included in the bill.

“In addition to the lock closure provision, a separate amendment sponsored by Congresswoman Betty McCollum and Congressman Mike Kelly was also passed in the House bill that would establish a comprehensive strategy to combat Asian carp in the Mississippi River and Ohio River basins by creating a federal multi-agency effort led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Both measures will aid us in our fight against Asian carp.

 “The news comes in the wake of a recent discovery of a dead Silver Carp on the top of Lock and Dam #5 near Winona, and fishermen have captured several live Asian carp on the Mississippi River, including at the mouth of the St. Croix River, in Lake Pepin and near Winona.  It is clear these invasive species are making their way up the river, and we must close the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock to protect upstream waters.  We know the carp are here and we must do all we can to stop this northward invasion of Minnesota’s waters. 

 “These provisions provide us with the necessary tools in the fight against Asian carp.  Additionally, we must continue to support the ongoing research of the species to uncover their vulnerabilities and target areas further downstream where we can use deterrents and other tactics that will help protect the St. Croix and Minnesota River basins.” 


About Stop Carp Coalition: The Stop Carp Coalition is a group of 22 organizations representing sportsmen and women, private property owners, anglers, conservation and environmental organizations that is collaborating to bring attention to the Asian Carp issue in Minnesota, educate the public and elected officials about impacts to our environment and economy, mobilize our combined thousands of members and supporters, and advocate for quick and strategic initiatives to slow and/or stop the invasion of these harmful invasive species in Minnesota waters.  For more information, visit:

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