Jurassic Carp

If you haven’t seen the Steven Spielberg directed movie ‘Jurassic Park’, I would suggest you see it.  Its classic summer blockbuster stuff.   Especially good if you have kids that like dinosaurs.  Just tell them it’s not based on a true story.  It’s a bit dated, but the special effects still hold up to today’s technology.

My good friends know that I am keen to dropping classic (and sometimes obscure) movie quotes in my general conversations.  I have a special connection to 80’s movies in particular. I mean, who wouldn’t?

I have also been known to drop movie lines in my professional work…remind me to share a story about how my colleague and I way back had a contest to see how many Monty Python movie quotes we could insert into a lobby meeting with a Congressional staffer.  I won…but I digress.

So, when I read the following article about Asian carp being compared to Jurassic Park…with the quote “Life finds a way” ...I connected with it immediately.

I have long advocated that we should be extra aggressive in treating the threat of Asian carp from invading our Great Lakes.  If we don’t respect a real and menacing threat from the non-native, highly destructive Asian carp and not do all that we can to stop them from entering a special place like the Great Lakes or any water body for that matter…

they will find a way.”

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