Michigan Scores Win for Wildlife and Sportsmen

A good day for wildlife conservation and sportsmen/women across the state of Michigan.

Yesterday, Michigan Governor Snyder signed into law legislation that would improve our current hunting and fishing license structure.  This is a huge win for wildlife here in Michigan.  Not only will this new legislation increase revenue for wildlife conservation, but it will make obtaining a hunting and fishing license much simpler.

This is no small feat.  Many states, like Wyoming, have been trying for a decade to get an increase through their legislature.

MI GOV bill signing 9-2013

Michigan Governor Snyder, MI DNR Director, and members of the Michigan Conservation Coalition – even the author photo-bombed in here.

As you all know, hunters/anglers license fees are the main source of funding for wildlife conservation. Couple money generated from license fees with excise taxes on the purchases of hunting and fishing equipment (Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson legislation) this equals the bulk of wildlife conservation dollars that go to:

1) acquisition of new public lands for game and non-game species;

2) habitat restoration improvements on existing public lands;

3) conservation officers to ensure no illegal activity occurs;

4) conservation outreach; and

5) additional funds to support continued scientific wildlife management professionals in the field.

Its mine and your purchase of hunting/fishing license fees every year that helps make Michigan a world class sportsmen destination and what makes it Pure Michigan.

Even if you don’t hunt or fish, consider buying a license to do your part to help wildlife conservation.

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