Support Conservation Funding in Michigan

We have all heard that hunters and anglers are the original conservationists.  Same can be said for farmers and Native Americans.   Having said that, my fellow sportsmen and women fund Michigan’s conservation efforts through license fees and excise taxes on sporting equipment.

Governor Snyder’s proposed license package would simplify the license system and generate over $18 million per year for wildlife habitat and enforcement that supports our outdoor pursuits.  Unlike previous efforts to increase license fees, this increase would be outcome based.  This increase will result in additional fish and wildlife habitat enhancements, increased fish stockings, and more overall conservation officers on the ground enforcing the laws on the books.

This constitutes a strategic investment in our state’s fish and wildlife by us hunters and anglers.  And – the MI DNR is being open and transparent with how they will invest it.

Click here for more information on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources budget.

Today – we have an opportunity to maintain, improve and provide better opportunties to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors.  The bill containing the license structure changes passed the House last week by an overwhelming bi-partisan 77-32 vote.  The bill is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

You want to help?  Please call the following members of the Appropriations Committee and ask them to support HR 4668 with no amendments to keep this bill moving forward.   


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2 Responses to Support Conservation Funding in Michigan

  1. Good news. Your efforts paid off. Senate passed it out of Committee! Stay tuned for next steps.

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