Scientific Wildlife Management Wins…Again

Yesterday, Michigan Governor Snyder signed legislation into law (Senate Bills 288 and 289) ensuring that Michigan’s wildlife will be managed with sound science and protecting our rights to hunt and fish.   

Good news indeed.  In a nutshell – this legislation will:

  • Allow the Natural Resources Commission to name game species;
  • Grant the Natural Resources Commission exclusive authority over fisheries orders, as it currently has with game orders;
  • Provide free licenses to active-duty members of the military; and
  • Establish a right to hunt and fish in Michigan statute.

White-tailed Buck - John Stehn - USFWS


Jump here for more substance on the merits of this victory.

This legislative effort was certainly not with out controversy and misinformation.  Thanks go to the Governor for standing up for Michigan’s wildlife and outdoor heritage and signing this into law.  In the end, Michigan’s diverse fish and wildlife will continue to be managed by professional wildlife managers using sound science – not television ads funded by out-of-state special interests – or the ballot box. 

After passage – can we simply pat ourselves on the back?  Well…how about we as sportsmen and women conservationist remain vigilant and ensure this law is implemented.  Agree with me?  Then check out my friend Paul Rose (former President of MUCC and former board member of NWF) lay out our next steps after this win via the Northern Michigan Conservation Network.

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