Sportsmen back sensible fracking regs

Up here in the Great Lakes, fracking has been going on for the last 30 plus years. The main issues now are that with new technology, companies are able to drill deeper and horizontally. This means pumping tons of water – sometimes upward of 10 million gallons per well. No. That is not a typo. 10 million gallons.

This certainly ups the ante on impacts to our ground water. Placing stronger safeguards on fracking really is the sensible thing to do to protect drinking water and our outdoor heritage.

The Fish and Wildlife Report


Updated federal fracking rule: An opportunity for transparency, stewardship and responsible energy development on our public lands


WASHINGTONAs the Interior Department prepares to release new federal fracking regulations, a sportsmen’s coalition is urging officials to make sure the rules will adequately protect air and water quality, fish and wildlife.


The update to oil and gas drilling methods on federal and tribal lands is the first in about 30 years, Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development noted Tuesday. Meanwhile, the process of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has significantly changed, opening previously inaccessible land to development.


“The reality is the technology and methods have changed since the original rule was put in place. Today, millions of gallons of fluids and chemicals are injected underground at high pressure,’’ said Brad Powell, energy director for Trout Unlimited’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project. “We know there are a lot of good companies doing…

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