Dropping the Hammer

I don’t really like lawsuits.  But, sometimes you have to drop the hammer.

hammer - marc smith

Yesterday, the National Wildlife Federation asked a federal judge to stop the EPA from implementing a rule that would prohibit the State of New York from strengthening protections against non-native species introduced by ballast water discharges.

We all know that ballast water invaders (zebra and quagga mussels just to name a few) have been devastating to the Great Lakes and economy, costing more than $200 million per year in damages and control costs.

Not to mention the impact on the commercial and sport fishery and our fishing heritage.

Dan Egan with the Milwaukee Journal picked up the story.

The outcome of the New York case is important because New York, in effect, is a gatekeeper for the Great Lakes, as all foreign ships entering the Lakes must journey up the St. Lawrence Seaway and through New York waters to reach the Great Lakes.

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