Leaving the door open


This is probably the one word that my kids and my nieces and nephews understand.  They know that when they run in and out of the screen doors at the family Lake Michigan cottage…they must close the screens behind them.  Or else they will get a firm baritone…“DOOR!” from any member of the family.

Closing the door keeps the bugs out of the house.   No one wants to swat flies and hear that annoying high pitched buzz of a mosquito in your ear.  Down right drive you crazy, doesn’t it?

The same can be said for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Yesterday, they released a new permit to regulate ballast water discharges from ships entering the Great Lakes. Problem is that it will still allow invasive species to enter into our Great Lakes.

They left the door open.

Zebramussel beach

Zebra Mussels litter Lake Erie shoreline

We all know that invasive species introduced and spread via ballast water discharge are already wreaking havoc in our Great Lakes.  Zebra and quagga mussels alone have turned the Great Lakes on its head, altering the food web and threatening the health of native fish and wildlife.  This is no joke…I have walked on the shorelines of Lake Erie that look like the above.  Crunch…crunch…crunch with every step.

They also cost utilities, cities and businesses at least $1 billion every five years in damages and control costs, according to research by the University of Notre Dame.

Zebramussel pipe

Zebra mussel clogged intake pipe

Despite the major regional economic drain and threat to our hunting and fishing heritage brought by invasive species, the EPA punts again and leaves the door open for future harm and invaders to our Great Lakes.

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2 Responses to Leaving the door open

  1. Cheryl Nenn says:

    DOOR!! 🙂 Great analogy! We should just start yelling that at ballast related public hearings!

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