Cupid…the Carp Slayer?

Don’t worry.  This is not a sappy Valentines Day entry.

This week, while sitting at the kitchen table with my kids as they were preparing their Valentines Day cards for their classmates, Cupid came up.

As I sat there listening to them explain what they think Cupid does with this arrows, I immediately pictured this…

But, I digress.

Then I thought some more.  Maybe Cupid could play a role with protecting fish and game and our outdoor heritage.  Perhaps there is a magic Arrow or silver bullet for say…Asian carp?

Carp Bow Hunting Ben Wilsonjpg

credit: Ben Wilson

Some scientist have been working on a bio-bullet for some time.  The theory behind this is that you could deliver a very small and digestible poison pill specifically to Asian carp (silver and bighead). Built to mimic food, the pill would then break apart in the carp’s intestine, releasing its lethal load and killing the fish.

Sounds good, right?

Well – I am skeptical.

Only Asian carp will eat these pills?  What about other fish we really care about like trout, walleye, and smallmouth? They eat just as opportunistically as Carp?

Releasing a poison into a watershed to combat an invasive species is risky and scientifically questionable.

If you recall, Carp were brought in to eat algae from stock ponds in the south.  So, isn’t that how we got into this mess with Asian carp in the first place?

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