Man vs Moose

Check this out…

This dude is either the Beastmaster or the next candidate for a Darwin Award.

Either way, this standoff reminds me of my first encounter with a moose while visiting my brother in Anchorage, Alaska about 13 years ago.  I went outside to get something from the car at about 9:30pm or so, when I stopped dead in my tracks…to face a bull moose standing about 5 feet from me in the front yard.  At first, I thought it was a van parked in the yard because it was ginormous.  Then, there was no mistaking the massive rack.

We both froze looking at each other.  Then, I slowly backed away towards the door maintaining eye contact the entire time.  Back inside, I finally breathed and felt a sense of exhilaration of being so close to such a cool animal.

Yes, moose are cool.  Especially at such close range.

Last week, I wrote about how fish and game are stressed out from our changing climate.  Moose especially are feeling the heat up here in the Great Lakes.

The population numbers for moose in the northeastern part of Minnesota, for example, are stark: a 50% decrease since 2010 and a 69% decrease since 2006.

If that isnt bad enough, moose numbers declined an alarming 35% since last year.

As a result, the Minnesota DNR had no choice but to halt the moose hunting season.

A long and proud heritage is put on hold.

The reason?  Wildlife biologists think it is a combination of disease, warmer weather and parasite (tick) investations.

The plight of Minnesota moose showcase the playing field for fish and game is changing.  And changing fast due to causes enhanced by man.  

Its Man vs. Moose.  


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