It’s the Outdoor Economy, Stupid

Last week the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation released a report that breaks down all the outdoor recreational economic activity over the past year.   

This is a very helpful and eye-opening look at the impact and value of hunting, fishing and the time spent outdoors to our economy.

Its been dubbed the Sportsmen’s Bible by some of my buddies because it takes data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and puts it in layman’s terms.   Simply comparing our outdoor economic impact to easily identifiable parts of our society.  ie: “Sportsmen and Women spent $90 billion in 2011, that’s more than the combined global sales of Apple’s iphone and ipad the same year.”

Take a closer look at the economic impact and activity (just retail sales) of the 8 Great Lakes states combined…

$25 Billion Dollars! (sounds better in Dr. Evil voice)dr-evil

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