Mapping Problems in the Great Lakes

Maps don’t lie.

So, when it comes to finding out where the biggest problems are in our Great Lakes, look no further.  We now have a cool map to show us.


While it’s no surprise to me that Lake Erie is blazing red.  I should know, as I do spend quite a lot of time fishing for smallies and walleye there and have a pretty good sense of the stressors there.  But, check out Lake Ontario.  Sizzling red!  And I thought Lake Erie was the most stressed.  Guess again.

This map comes at a critical juncture for the Great Lakes.  The President and Congress have invested over $1 billion to protect and restore the Great Lakes.  Investments that are returning positive economic results and have helped fish and wildlife adapt to new stressors.

Given the fiscal climate we face right now, this map provides another tool for us to target investments to ensure we are actually addressing the problems and not just spending arbitrarily.

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One Response to Mapping Problems in the Great Lakes

  1. Maine Sailor says:

    Erie makes sense but Ontario so hot ? All that Gulf of St Lawrence flowing in ought to keep it cooler than Erie. Scary to know that help is likely far far away.
    Maine Sailor

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