Not Blinding me with SCIENCE!

Anyone who knows me well would not call me a scientist.  So, its no surprise that I may be Blinded with Science at times.



However, scientist Lindsay Chatterton answers questions about Asian carp in a way that are straight forward, and not blinding.

He is sure that Asian carp are in the Great Lakes, but remains hopeful for the future.

My friend and colleague Jeff Alexander sits down with Lindsay to discuss Asian carp and the impact on our Great Lakes.  You can read the entire Q/A interview here, but below is just a sample…

Q: Studies have found that Asian carp are most likely to enter the Great Lakes via the Chicago Waterway System, the manmade canals that link Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River basin. Physically separating the Chicago Waterway System from Lake Michigan would cost several billion dollars. Is it worth the expense?

A (Lindsay): Absolutely and it’s not just because of Asian carp. The Army Corps of Engineers has identified 29 species that could use the Chicago canal system to move between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River basins. (A physical separation) makes sound economic and environmental sense. We just need to get on with it. I am firmly of the belief that we can do this in a way that will allow the (Chicago Waterway System) to operate and provide the functions it does, in terms of transport, sewers and stormwater, as well as preventing the movement of organisms in either direction. The challenge is to come up with an effective solution that allows all of that to happen. But it’s just an engineering problem and we can solve it.

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