Carp Politics: Better late than never

Asian Carp is emerging as an election year issue up here in the Great Lakes.

In an email last week, Mitt Romney told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Bighead Carp

“I am outraged that, five years after Congress ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to identify a solution, we are still years away from a recommendation.” 

“America put a man on the moon in less time than that. As president, I will accelerate the Army Corps process and ensure that they develop a plan as soon as possible to protect both the ecology and economy of the region.”

I appreciate that Romney shares my – and thousands of people across the Great Lakes -frustration with the slow progress of finding a solution to stopping Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel again asks the question:  Where has Mitt been all these past months on the Carp here? 

When it comes to Asian carp politics, later is certainly better than never. 

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