Wanted: A Great Lakes President

Where do the Presidential candidates stand on Great Lakes Issues? 

You decide…

Read the below statements from both Obama and Romney and let me know who would be better for our Great Lakes…

Courtesy of Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asked both Obama and Romney if they support strong measures and federal spending to keep pollution and invasives like the Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes?

Mitt Romney — “The Great Lakes have literally shaped my home state, and are an important part of my heritage.  I am deeply concerned about the threat posed to the lakes by invasive species (such as Asian carp) from the Mississippi River basin and I am outraged that, five years after Congress ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to identify a solution, we are still years away from a recommendation.  America put a man on the moon in less time than that.  As president, I will accelerate the Army Corps process and ensure that they develop a plan as soon as possible to protect both the ecology and economy of the region.  By taking immediate action to address this threat, while also continuing with restoration efforts, we can meet our obligation to the future generations for whom we hold this magnificent fresh water resource in trust.”
Barack Obama — “President Obama has made the largest investment in the Great Lakes of any president. He kicked off the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which is targeting ecological problems such as invasive species, toxic hot spots, polluted runoff from farms and cities and declining wildlife habitat. This administration has supported 41 local projects in Wisconsin to help clean up the Great Lakes, including helping the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee construct a cistern designed to capture rainwater on the roof of the UW-Milwaukee Power Plant during storms. This project is expected to reduce the scale and frequency of combined sewer overflows…which will reduce pollution at Milwaukee beaches.

The Obama administration has also taken an aggressive, unprecedented approach to protect our Great Lakes and the communities and economies that depend on them from the threat of Asian carp. He established the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee, consisting of state, municipal, and federal agencies to unify action and introduce a multi-tiered defense to prevent Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes ecosystem. His administration also developed the Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework, a strategy that outlines short and long-term actions and investments to combat the spread of Asian carp. Of the 32 actions proposed in the 2010 framework, all of them have been completed or are underway.

Additionally, President Obama has made record investments to contain the species, from deploying enhanced systems to monitor, sample and capture Asian carp, to an enhanced fish barrier system to include strengthened electric barriers and physical barricades to stop carp migration during floods. He also signed the Asian Carp Prevention and Control Act which prohibits live bighead carp from being shipped or imported into the United States. The Obama administration has also accelerated its planning process and developed options for the planning process for a permanent fix to halt the spread of Asian Carp, so that by next year – two years ahead of schedule – President Obama can present Congress with the best options for addressing this problem.  President Obama is committed to continue working to maintain the Great Lakes ecosystem, which represents the nation’s largest source of fresh surface water and is the cornerstone of local jobs and the regional economy.”

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