Now its Go Time

“More evidence of Asian carp found in Lake Erie”. That was the title of the email notice I received yesterday morning.  Not again. These positive samples were taken this summer – not last summer – so this is real time.

Read the story here.

If you remember, samples of eDNA taken in 2011 (but just released about one month ago) found two hits of silver carp in northern Maumee Bay and four hits of big head carp in Sandusky Bay where a big head carp was found years ago.

What does this mean? State and federal officials are not sure.  But, one thing for sure is that this is serious emergency time.  Bring out the mile long gil nets, and deploy increased electro-fishing to search for these invaders – and more importantly close the doors for Carp and other invasive species to enter into the Great Lakes.

This is going to sound like beating a dead horse, but again, at this time of crisis – I and anyone who values our Great Lakes, and especially Lake Erie – are rooting for the White House and all the relevant federal agencies to respond to this emergency with speed.  We are your biggest fans.  You are the ones with the power to take action.

As my 7 year old boy Patrick says before his soccer games…“Its GO time!”

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