Holy Carp!

Why does everything seem to happen when you go on vacation?

That’s what happened to me over the past week and a half.

After spending some quality time with the family on Lake Michigan all last week, Asian carp swam straight to the top of the news.

To catch you all up on the latest developments on carp from the past week or so:

1) More tests confirm Asian carp found above the electrical “barriers”.  I have written about this before.  But – this is the third round of positive samples taken in the Lake Calumet area – which pretty much confirms Asian carp are there.

2) Asian Carp evidence found in Lake Erie?  Samples of eDNA taken in 2011 (but just recently released – yes – I am puzzled as well that it took this long to analyze and release the results?) found two hits of silver carp in northern Maumee Bay and four hits of big head carp in Sandusky Bay where a big head carp was found years ago.  National Wildlife Federation Senior Scientist breaks down the question “What does this mean?”    My thought is more urgent sampling needs to be done immediately to really answer this question.

3) The Canadians weigh in on the damaging impact Asian carp will bring to our Great Lakes.  Simply put: this new report again confirms that Asian carp are a threat and we need to act now – before its too late.  This report must lead to more urgent action on behalf of both the U.S. and Canadian governments.

4) Doomsday Clock paints grim picture of just how risky Asian carp are to our Great Lakes, our outdoor heritage, and the fish and wildlife that we all value.  Check out this cool new tool brought to you by my friend Jeff Alexander.

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